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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Saving for the future

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The age old habit of saving, the Indian way is paying off well in the current economic scenario. While consumption drives the growth, GDP, it also drives the tendency to consume even more and then we tend to cross any limits. Shopping is a good exercise now a days to home ridden women, but long hours spent in malls can harm both health and wealth. Saving is good especially when its about saving water, electricity, petrol, enviornment our precious flora and fauna here are some of my few cents on this -

1. water is precious, so we have to make conscious efforts to save water
2. using a shower instead of traditional buckt full water might save some water - good for health and more refreshing too
3. dont let the tap running while shaving, burshing, bathing, washing clothes/ dishes
4. Dont do unnecessary washing of balconies/ floor/ porch/ roof everday be mindful about it

1. I think here also conscious efforts to switch off all the buttons the moment we are out of room
2. using CFLs as much as possible - a high initial cost but savings for lifetime
3. using technology especially in malls/ big shops to optimize the consumption of electricity ( AC/ hoardings)- software + hardware solutions are already available in the market good ROI
4. keeping windows open in the morning (thus avoiding the use of bulbs/ tubelights in the first part of the day) - fresh air and sunlight will pep up the mood and good for health

1. Walk to the neighbourhood gorcery store/ ATM - this will improve ur health
2. Turnoff ur engine at major traffic signals/ railway crossings/ traffic jams - this will hopefully reduce the ambient temperature/ pollution
3. Sharing the ride to office/ market with friends and colleagues- this will give good opportunity to catch up with friends in ever becoming hectic life...
4. Encourage children....teens to use bicycles/ walking/ running/ skatingpls share more thoughts on how to increase saving so as to let the precious resources available for our grandchildren and generations ahead

1. I am not sure if Time saving gadgets actually saves time in the end.
2. Technology is a tool, not an end of life. Somehow I wonder how much and energy and money we end up investing in buying new gadgets, devices, online, keeping upbreast with the latest edition of everything, downloading every piece of update for our gadget, is it worth so much of our attention, especially when time is the most limited thing we have. Can we simply afford to waste half of our life, so as to save a quarter of it?

Besides saving will also help put breaks on consuption and consumerism driven world where everybody wants to outbeat the recession which is an output similar consumerism and euphoristic creation of capacity assuming the consumtption and consumerism will increase forever and ever....

Practising some kind of austerity without being ostentatious is something which our religions have been preaching for years....its time to revive these lessons which were preached by Gandhi Ji in 20th century....its time to think before we consume it time to put breaks un mindless capacity creation in everyaspect of life...its time to cherish what we have inherited and its time to think what we can save and nourish for coming generations....