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Sunday, October 10, 2010

No More Linear

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Back in 90s, I used to hear from my parents that all the charities were fraud.Though I was not part of any, but saw such things in movies and some television shows. I dont believe in linear progress because thats now how society works. To elaborate, if we agree that in past 60 years of Indian independence 1% of people are working genuinely in nonprofits, linear extrapolation of 600 years to reach 10% level will not hold good. It will be much less, perhaps 100 cant say. So I am hopeful that this non linear or should we say exponential progress has the potential to surprise everybody and this time it will be for good.

Though I am not a big fan of bucket lists, but I feel that its important to keep recalling so many good things which are happening around us, the list of good activities, earnest movements, inspiring lives of silent warriors which keep working despite much mumbo jumbo, publicity and other such things which are all worldly.

Sharing some of the some innovative, relevant, sustainable and powerful concepts which have potential to create long term, non linear and perhaps unpredictable impact on the civic societies in the coming years -

An interesting model to tackle corruption -
I Paid Bribe

An innovative way to combat poverty -
United Prosperity

From darkness to light -

Electrifying rural India -
Husk Power

A model which can be replicated in every town to counter the traffic police corruption -

Solar Power rockss -
Surya Bijlee

Innovative world for differently able -
Ability Unlimited

An umbrella organization with the simple motto - Be the Change you want to See -