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Thursday, June 17, 2004

Democracy and India-long road ahead

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India is the largest democracy in the world in terms of population, but if we look at how many people are able to exercise their fundamental rights more important know about them, I guess the figures would might not be in favour.I would say India as a very flexible democracy, in terms of norms which define democracy and the extent to which they are being implemented. We Indians are very adjustable kind of people, perhaps best of its kind in the world. We live in harmony with communal riots and several other crimes and never care or complaint about them. Instead we know how to avoid them or cope up with them. Over the years corruption has become a tradition across all levels. We have managed to live with "chotu"s at dhaba's, railway stations, shoe polish walas and several other visible spots. If we include other invisible spots (which we cannot see with our eyes on daily basis) like factories, fire cracker or leather production units, the number might reach equal to total population of children below 14 in most of the developed nations of the world. Literacy is still hanging around 65% or so, and we know the definition of literacy in India and how government has managed that figure. A long gap exists between literate and educated population of India. Forget about basic health facilities, the sanitation facilities especially in metros like Mumbai are no where near to adequate. With more and more IT and ITES related jobs, a survey is required to know how many of these(us) bright, talented young future of nation were able to cast their votes either, which I guess the least we could have done to make this democratic procedure a success. No where are these fundamental problems are in agenda of any political parties. Since last few years we have taken it for granted that our population cannot be controlled and so is the adult education programme.I remember in childhood days a lot of advertisements about literacy, adult education, population control and related stuff but commercialization and cut throat competition in TV industry has not left it worthy of even being considered as an issue. Yet we live in peace and harmony, sleep with this and lot more and wake up every morning, with the hope of making it big one day.Flexibility,I dont if this is strength or weakness or idiosyncrasy of our culture that we have been able to survive living with all this and even worse and sometimes better but together for thousands of years.

A lill negative image in here...but what is something to be happy about and to give us hope is the people out there.....and there big hearts...perhaps sooner or later we will leave this attitude of indifference and put our hearts and minds care about things besides US besides our small little family and see how the mutual relationship and understanding is actually doing good to us all,working for the best of all.

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