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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Views - Indian Stock Market

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Just a common observation in recent past we have witnesses- increase in Stock market - increase in salaries-increase in savings-increase in disposable income - increase in investments by retail investors/MFs-increase in various direct/indirect consumption-increase in business-development-increase in turnover of co.s But -increase in margins-increase in prices OR decrease in input cost-increase in prices - inflation/WPI-decrease in consumption-decrease in input - material - very few industries/segments - labor - automization-decrease in wages-increase in direct/indirect unemploymentIncrease in interest rates - increase in crude-increase in metal prices-real estate prices - increasing cost of raw material (crude/metal/land/money) for various co.s - decrease in margins or increase in prices of various products/services - once again increase in WPI/inflation!!Can FII flows sustain as once again they have proved thmselves to be the force to reckon with in Indian stock market!! What will be the equilibrium/sustainable levels of India stock market !!can everything increase simultaneously !!

Lotta co.s are raising money - GDR/ADR/FCCB/FPO and all sort of instruments - all these stocks are running away on immediae news without ne reasons-what the hell will co. do with tht money-nobdys interested to knwo-as if thy will distribute this money to investors :D !!besides I have 1 more concern- are FIIs and MFs allowed to short without any limits !! if yes thn really god bless retail investors like us who are left with babies to feed and take care of by the time thy are able to earn and the big daddies enter the picture and walks away with money/income/gains :)

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