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Friday, August 19, 2011

The Story of Magnifying Glass !

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Magnifying Glass is usually used to read the fine prints. A classic and one of the most simplest of the gadgets, in use for centuries. For thousands of year, this magnifying glass was typically found in the house of the inquisitive and smart folks. Rarely in my house, because I was happy reading fiction, printed in bold.

Since the magnifying glass was not easily available, the I was not be able to read the books given to me by some mischievous boys, since the books were completely written in fine print. And so I was never read and tried to comprehend what the heck was written in that book. But life moved on and I never felt any pressing need to enlighten myself. And that's exactly what the mischievous boy wanted. He gave me the book, because he was obliged to, but he also made sure that I don't read it. To make sure that I don't read the book beyond couple of pages (In case I ever decided to read, by chance) the mischievous boy gave the book an insanely boring title and loaded first couple of pages with jargon. So rarely me or any of my friends dared to read beyond couple of pages. Surprisingly whoever read the book joined the gang of mischievous boys.

The mischievous boy was smart, very smart indeed. He managed to trick me for thousands of years. He never taught me how to read the book which he intentionally published in fine print, one version after another. He never gave me the magnifying glass. Once in a while, he casually requested me to read the book, but I was busy enjoying fiction. In parallel he gave me several other easy to read, far more entertaining books, with vivid images, eye catching titles and colours.

One fine day, I discovered the magnifying glass in the backyard of mischievous kid. Since I never cared to learn the actual use of magnifying glass, I started playing with it. After played for few hours I threw it in the dark corner. This was the same corner where I piled those books given by the mischievous boy. Accidentally it caught my eyes and I realized that I can read that fine print. It was all very clear now. Slowly I could read and understand what was written. With some really crucial help, I was able to comprehend the jargon as well. As I kept on reading, my fears started to surface, about what was written in those books. But I kept on reading more, with some help again, my fears started disappearing. Bingo !

I realized I was duped by the mischievous boy all those centuries. But then after reading some more books, I realized my mistake. I never cared to ask the mischievous boy about all those books he gave me. My life was going reasonably smoothly all these years barring few compromises, I never cared enough to read those books. Pretty soon, I shared my magnifying glass with my friends. I told them, what I learned from those books. And slowly the idea caught fire and rest we know is a history and it is still being written. But we need to be careful and should not repeat the mistake which mischievous boy committed. I remember watching the mischievous kid when he used the magnifying glass to gather the power of sun but ended up burning his own house!

The Beginning !!

Mischievous boys - Politicians, the Powerful ones
I - You, the common ones
The Books - Constitution, Laws, knowledge
The Magnifying Glass - Internet, Media

Special Thanks
Crucial Help - Anna Hazare, Aruna Roy, Medha Patekar, Arvind Kejriwal and several other 1000s of selfless individuals who helped the me, the you and the society


  1. Anonymous7:09 PM

    well is so true. we actully never bothered with things coz we were so busy with our lives. corruption took this demon like form. though the country has found the magnifying glass, it may be a too lil too late sceanrio. much damage has already been done..wish someone had passed that magnifying glass decades ago..!!

  2. Intelligent post and lovely personification. Thought provoking...Nicely written:)

  3. thanks Saru, Anonymous Nidhi :)

  4. that was very well that we have read the book with the help of the magnifying glass, and understood its flaws...time to use the glass and burn the old laws and print a revised edition with less jargon and bigger fronts...


  5. completely agree Sub ! As you rightly pointed, we will have to rewrite the whole book, one chapter at a time!

  6. This is One of your best posts. Thanks for writing dear

  7. Ms.Shalini, thanks for visiting my blog :)after a long time. Hope to see you more often :)

  8. impressive!!! :)

  9. Very very well written,felt ashamed of us that we didn't behold the tiny magnifying glass since so long.....But happy to say that we are struggling hard for a new one....And "STRUGGLE NEVER GOES VAIN WHEN DONE WITH FIRM DETERMINATION.":)

  10. Thanks for the comment Love, Shatakshi. Hope we make it becomes a way of life for next few decades, at the least !!


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