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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Youth. At any cost !

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A burning desire to succeed,
Sometimes at any cost!
Against Limited supply,
Of resources and inspiration, and,
Love of family and few friends.

Learnt to learn, grow,
Shine and outshine,
Achieved seemingly impossible,
Earned and remained happy,
Sometimes at any cost!

We are open, liberal,
Perhaps hypercritical.
We do pay our taxes,
Don't litter on much on streets,
Drive our new bikes, and
friend's car occasionally.
In a hurry to reach our destination,
Sometimes at any cost !

Whenever we faltered,
We stood up, sought advice,
Fought, made our own way.
Call centres, IT, Culinary Arts or Fashion,
Yes, no great innovation,
But some of us managed to thrive,
Sometimes at any cost !

We are thankful, indebted for the privilege,
Of being born in free India.
Yes, we know many issues,
Still unresolved.
Yes, be assured will be solved,
Perhaps slowly, but,
At any cost!


Frankly, I started writing a prose and soon decided to convert it in a poem instead. Writing a poem after a long time, after having written some really long articles in the recent past :)

A Happy Independence Day to all, hope this year will be an year of action, beyond watching old patriotic movies and listening to old songs !


  1. Yes Nitin we are indeed blessed to be born in this great nation...hope fellow citizens realize this and work tirelessly towards making our nation even more powerful and strong...Jai Hind

  2. Yes No.1 ! But we need to shed our burning desire to succeed AT ANY COST ! Because that's where things turns from good, white, to grey to black to red, slowly and unknowingly !!

  3. I do not agree that our nation is great...but it is upto us to make it great...let's first agree that there are problems, and then try to solve it...

    great poem...


  4. Thanks Sub! Lets hope and work for the best :)

  5. Gopal Krishan3:04 PM

    Precious thoughts beautifully versified. Bravo!

  6. Hello Gopal, I am happy that you liked the poem !


Appreciate your views, feedback, criticism....