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Saturday, January 31, 2009

One Laptop per Children

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One Laptop per Children is an ambitious initiative taken by several Not For Profit organization and government worldwide.The idea of the initiative is to impart quality education to all the needy children of India and world who otherwise cannot afford the education.By adding visuals and sound learning will be more fun and interactive hence will have a lasting impact on children.Tricky concepts of science/ space/ astronomy/ robotics/ bilogy etc can be easily explained to students now using interactivesoftwares. This is an initiative started in MIT, USA which has started all this discussion.They claim to provide a laptopat 100 USD. However there has been debate that this laptop actually cost more than 200 USD. Still I feel that initiative is goodand must be appreciated, even at 200 USD it is still very attractively priced.
However Indian government has started it own initiative and seems like they have succeded to certain extent. Its simply unbelievablea Laptop at merely Rs.500 or 10 USD
I hope they succeed making quality education affordable and acessible to millions of childrens worldwide.

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