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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Some inportant and useful web addresses of GOI

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Anti Corruption Bureau
Check these links out and contact our Anti Corruption Bureau I have read lot of sucess stories of ACB in Pune....lets take the corruption head on

Right to Information Act
Government website - ative

Individual Initiative

Some of the aware citizens has used RTI in positive and constructive way to dig out the truth

Consumer Rights Protection
Government website -

Individual initiative

Hope it servers some purpose....please spread the word and make the fellow Indians aware of their rights and laws to protect their rights

Government Redress Forum

The site does exists....but I havent used it as of least the idea is good, you can take any mnistry/ government department head on if you are not heard -

Affidavits of Candidates

Please dont forget to check the background of candidates contesting elections -

Consumer Complaints

How to file complaint, how to register complaints with CVC-

Lets Make Things Happen for Ourselves


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