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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Terrorism in India - lack of political will ??

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Somehow GOI ( government of India) has been thinking/ discussing/ acting in single direction....initially worrying about agriculture in early 50s and 60s followed by thrust on Industrialization in 60s and 70s Terrorism in 80s foreign reservers/ FII and FDI investments in 90s and 2000s with thrust on creating SEZs all across India in recent past...blindly hoping that all its problems will be resolved.....somehow GOI is focussed on what is in focus in immediate elections and opposition party too is focussed on highlighting immediate needs and failures of government.....Terrorism was dealt serisouly and bravely by Indira Gandhi but somehow with her sad demise things slowed down in creating a terror free state....somehow bomb blasts and communal riots kept happening in India since 1990s to until recently in all parts of country every now and then as and when terrorist organizations wanted to...and to the extent they wanted to..but still after almost 30 years we havent done much in this direction as yet...i think instead of creating further special task forces and complicating the matters even more...As on date just by spending few 100 Rs. anyone can get Date of Birth Certificate of any place/ date/ time in further spending another 100-500 Rs one can get Driving license based on DOB document..and now believe me based on these two documents one can get mutiple - Voter ID card, PAN Card and even Passport only expenditure might be to the tune of Rs.2000-Rs.5000....So, overall by spending maximum Rs.8K to Rs.10K anybody can become proud citizen of India..hence Special Task Force/ Anti Terrorism Squad or even FBI can do much with such crippled system... I think if government can do simple things such as -

- Ensuring that all citizens of India have one and only one driving license, pan card, voter id card and if possible all this information available in 1 place

- Maintaining the database of people coming from different parts of the world and ensuring tht warning system is in place at least 2 months b4 their visa expires local police informs respective embassy and take some strict steps as soon as visas expires

- Conduct thorough survellience, if not regularly at least intermittently in Indian ocean, Arabian Ocean, Gujarat and Rajasthan border, North east India...randomly throughout the year continously for 10-15-20 years

- Maintaining and regularly updating the database of Mobile/ telephone/ internet connection issued by public and private sector, Vehicle registration database.

We seriously need good softwares, robust models, honest data entry operators, honest data collection at each town, city, villagethe country...I think these measures might appear mundane but i believe that if we have all this information genuinely updated without fail on timely basis, we can expect better governance, better control...and hence slightly better control and overall enviornment under control....By doing so government will at least know whos inside country and whos going outside...where to look for in case of possible chances of unrest....abnormal civil or criminal activities !!

Its all about old simple saying - A Stitch in Time Saves Nine.... !!


  1. for some reason there is no focus. I too think Indira Gandhi was a strong politician...
    good read...

  2. Fortunately Unique Identification Project has been conceived with all the above points in mind. I strongly believe that UID will be a benchmark project in history of modern India with far-reaching impact than ever imagined !


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