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Friday, December 05, 2008

Massacre on Indian streets

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Huge massacre is going on at Indian street since past few might have felt it for yourself but might not have realized the same thanks to our 1 billion + population..latest statistics show India FIANLLY TOPSSS the world !! Yes WE ARE NUMBER ONE HERE and pretty unfortunately so....its really sad and no one is to blame for it except ourselves.

According to reported statistics

            Deaths                    Injuries
2005 - 94,968                    4,65,282
2006 - 1,05,749                 n/a

Consider the simple fact - over past one decade close to 45 MILLION INDIANS have been affected by road accidents, injured seriously or lost lives in these accidents !! By no means are these numbers tiny !

We have lost close to 1 million lives on road accidents in past 12 years. Though I don't have any statistics to prove, but I am pretty sure almost half of those lives lost could have been saved, easily. We don't need to spend billions to fight terrorism, we have identified our enemy number 1, that is us, we, ourselves.

Unfortunately these statistics are not discussed, no policy/ law enforcement has been put in place to address such a huge slaughter of human beings going on day and night and WE THE Citizens of INDIA lacks any kind of sensitivity what so ever towards such incidents !!

Can a civilized nation hoping to become super power in coming years expect to ignore these simple facts and statistics !! I dont think so !! Why THE people of India are so insensitive and indiscplined ??? Why we dont care about an event, incident, rules of civilised society which appear so trivial and common sensical to rest of the world ?

Almost every Indian in his/ her daily life is commuting via roads, rail etc and spend anywhere between 5 to 55 minutes ( no stat proff here) daily on roads. According to me traffic sense and time spent on roads is one of the most common and critical form of social interaction. Everybody from Politician, business tycoon to common man, bureaucrat and beggar is an integral part of this social, impromptu orchrestra in which everybody plays himself. This interaction shows-

- How disciplined citizens of a city/ society/ country are
- How much do they care about law and order/ system/ police
- What is the tolerance level of citizens ( the number of horn beeps, shouting and verbal abuse gives a reasonable idea of tolerance and patience)

The problem is much more deep rooted and represents the common state of affairs in every sphere of Indian society !! But somehow I believe that solution to this/ these problem are much simpler.

A simple yet powerful and forgotten movie by Madhur Bhandarkar which gives some (though lill exaggerated and dramatized) idea of life and social interactions at 'Traffic Signal' in Mumbai. The Traffic Signal has grown into a fully functional, breathing, growing animal in India and there's an urgent need to tame that animal. According to me by spending few minutes on a Traffic signal, one can understand the state of affairs of a city, the psyche of the mango man, which ultimately decides the fate of the nation.

According to me few things which can be easily done by all of us to contribute our bit towards making our roads more safer place to walk and drive -

- Do not bypass Redlights
- Even more important dont boast about sucessfully breaking the red signal and duping the traffic officer
- Dont block the right lane at - traffic signals, railway crossings. Its not meant for you and nobody will save any time by bypassing the lane and blocking both sides of the roads at every intersection, bridge, signal, round about.
- Do not overtake from the wrong side, ever. Its criminal, you can kill somebody innocent following all the laws of the land for no fault of his/her.
- WEAR Helmets and Seat belts, even when you think its absolutely unnecessary. Accidents wont take place as per your and my plan.
- Encourage and inculcate these habits in your friends, juniors, children. Lets start feeling proud about following the road safety, traffic rules and regulations.

For more statistics and other details -

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  1. absence of Helmets and presence of mobile are the main reason :(
    good and a thoughtful post Dee..


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