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Monday, August 22, 2011

Popcorn Happiness

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I know the 'Chotu' at tea stall,
Saw him from a distance,
Selling tricolor, in the rally.
I know about his slums,
Behind Mall.

I no longer live in the town,
I was born.
But I know they face,
four hours of power cut, everyday.
So, I wear a pair of rugged jeans,
Brand new, but torn.

I was ambitious, so I left.
Lack of resources, so I left.
What I left, never left me.
But after the the right I took, I think,
Nothing was left.

From Letters to emails to sms and tweets.
I religiously acquired all the apps.
Partying this weekend, so pardon me this time.
But I know the names of all the scams.

On my way to make it big.
Yes, I do enjoy.
My Popcorn Happiness,
So, what's wrong?



  1. nothing wrong :P
    very nice concept :)

  2. wah...sahab kya likhte hai aap...

  3. hmmm...popcorn happiness...naaaice!
    we all get a little selfish when it comes to our own, dont we? :)

    Love in the times of 'samsung galaxy tab'

  4. @ Sowmya - thanks for the comments ! well yes, thrs nothing wrong, but perhaps some believe thr's something wrong a a few others think its absolutely wrong !

    @Jatin - thanks for the comments bro !!

    @pri - yes, we all do tend to get 'little selfish' at times and different ppl view tht differently, sometimes we know abt our 'little selfishness' but are not aware of it !! thanks for passing by, i'm glad you liked the poem !

  5. oops, im sorry i left the wrong link in my previous comment...
    i stand corrected here---
    love in the times of 'samsung galaxy tab'
    do check out the post and promote it on indiblogger if you like it :)

    seeya around

  6. interesting thoughts you have
    gr8 post.
    Iam from Doha too:-)

  7. @Sush- thanks for the comments. Good to know that you are from Doha as well ! hope to hear more from you !

    thanks Pradosh! Hope you will read some other posts too. Let me know what you think !

  8. Everyone is selfish.
    All living creatures are alive today because of some sort of selfishness.

    Individual selfishness is looked down upon in social communities, but the communities don't realize that they are also selfish, that's why the particular social community thrives.

    Equality, fairness, justness, ... all are notions created in the over working brains of humans (which are by default a selected few only). Nature does not employ any of these ideals. Nature does not intend any of its living creatures to abide these.

  9. Hi Alpha1, I agree, Everyone is indeed selfish ! Selfishness is the primary requirement for survival ! Thanks for passing by and sharing your thoughts !

  10. Nice poem, very honest and still touches your heart.

  11. waise pehle samajh ni aaya thaa jb samajh aaya to or bhi maja aa gaya :)
    tum hindi main likh ne wale thee kya huaa us ka...!!

  12. Lav Grover12:58 AM

    haan bhaiye...really liked what u have intended to convey...i sincerely appreciate and the best part of this piece is ur style...ROOPAK ALANKAR...ka shaandar prayog hai...kshanik anand ko popcorn...very very abstract yet very real...bang up job hai...

  13. Thanks Mr.Jain, Mr.Grover ! I'm happy you have spent your valuable time reading my post :) ! Hope to see(dont know how, but still) you both of you guys :) more often here!!

  14. nitin...main humesha se dabe paon aa kar tumhare post padta raha hu...bas is baar apne aap ko sambhal nahi paya aur bas bata diya ki main aaya tha...

  15. So Nitin, what exactly is corruption?

  16. amazing aplha1 ! Corruption indeed is driven an underlying desire to increase/garner/accumulate Popcorn Happiness..coz whatever they gain out of this will not be lasting ! Or perhaps it does last a lifetime ??

  17. :)

    See how everyone on this page has actually justified the popcorn happiness. (not directed at anyone in particular - this is a general observation).

    We all are greedy.
    and selfish.

    Ambition is nothing but socially accepted selfishness and greediness.

    Corruption is nothing but socially unaccepted selfishness and greediness.

  18. well, as I said before all these are part of primordial desires. frankly I wrote this poem with 3 perspectives, those who like 'IT', those who are a bit concerned and bit indifferent about 'IT' and those who hate 'IT' !! the perspectives are different and conflicting at times, however they, us, everybody exists and that's a fact !!

  19. And ... thats why someone from one legion should not be forced to join the other one.
    Therefore I prefer to remain "corrupt" :)

  20. sahi hai...aur aane do!


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