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Thursday, September 01, 2011

An Unheard Land Scam in Textile Ministry !!

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A report from Comptroller and Auditor General of India is available free of cost without filing any Right to Information. Surprisingly this issue was never discussed in Media or any steps were taken against the culprits. Instead some recommendations were made, to avoid these mistakes. The whole report can be downloaded from the Official Government of India Website.

I think as a country we are so used to and perhaps immune to scams in the range of few Billions of Dollars that scam worth Rs.800-900 crs are not even worth MEDIA time and attention.

A mere glance at first two pages reveal that a Loss of Rs.493 Crs due to Absence of Minimum Assured returns. To put it simply the Textile Ministry sold the land which belonged to government at a price much below the expected or open market price.

Most interestingly defect in Tender Documents resulted in loss of Rs.185 Crs. To put it simply the government bodies have not provided sufficient information in the Tender documents, which in turn would have reduced the chances of some bidders who were not having the insider information about the land and hence the Tender was prepared in such a manner that only few parties could have won this tender in any case. On Page 147, one can read the further details that ' By Mistake' some areas which was never intended for sale was included (though not clearly stated) in the Tender. So, to put it simply those who had insider information knew that they will get a much larger chunk of land than what other bidders might assume.

All of this simply implies that somebody purchased the land at a steep discount and will use this land to convert into Mall or some Residential Complex in near future. Needless to say, during construction of such Mall or Housing society several more laws will be broken and ultimately the hard-working, tax-paying Mango Man like Me and You will spend our huge chunks of our Salary, which we earn after toiling day and night mostly in private sector and perhaps most of us will repay these loans for a significant portion of our life and a huge chunk of our life will be invested in planning to repay these loans.
And now government, some elite social activists, some intelligent foreign educated bureaucrats and politicians, reporters and international prize winning writers says that we should not take things in our hands. We should respect the Parliament, the democracy, we should not demean the Political class. On the contrary I think, unless each and every such reports, such scams are bought into limelight, discussed and the pressure is kept on them to take action and resolve the matters, under close microscopic scrutiny, THEY WONT BUDGE, SHOULD WE ?



  1. Our country has so many scams that a common man has stopped worrying about it. But, still it's our country and we should do our little to improve it. Anna Hazare is an example...

  2. Agree Saru. I think the least would be read such reports available in Public Arena and if possible file PILs and RTI one after the other to unearth the truth.

  3. Media.
    Oh! the king in today's world full of lesser human beings.

    Media can create a prince, and even convert one to pauper.

    And when media chooses to ignore something, that something may well cease to exist in this world, and no one will care.

  4. the good thing is the changing definition of media and inclusion of Social Media into main stream/conventional media. I guess in next 4-5 years the role of Social Media/Uncensored media (more humans)will become far more important than conventional media !

  5. ... and will open a new possibility of spreading propaganda.

    Because in this case, again the FB users are the same ol' lesser humans. Who will just click somewhere because they were getting bored, or because one of their friends did it.

    And soon with enough "click support" the propaganda will assume a false reality proportion, which no one will question - because HECK everyone knows about it on the FB; How can it be false!

    Lesser humans, they ought to grow up to become ADULTS, and stop behaving like children who will believe in any fairy tale thrown to them.

  6. well I will put it this way. 10 years ago, the information we had was made available in a very controlled manner by the highs and mighties and so we were made to believe whatever they wanted us to! Now a bit of authenticity has improved. I think the % of ol'lesser humans tend to remain almost over time, but with population explosion the absolute no.s of lesser humans and angels and daemons etc will increase and with information outburst the confusion and chaos will only increase :)

  7. Well said nitin. But have to accept it. Because you are in this world.

  8. "the absolute no.s of lesser humans and angels and daemons etc will increase and with information outburst the confusion and chaos will only increase "

    Of course ... and that is what the second law of thermodynamics states.

  9. yups alpha1. Chaos the only order indeed !!

  10. Perhaps order is nothing but a co-incidence.
    And its one of those co-incidence which our ever roving and wondering minds believes to be a part of some cosmic conspiracy involving angels and demons, god and devil.

    Therefore we seek to find the occurrence of these co-incidences and label it as ORDER.

  11. Some people call these coincidences as God ! SO see how we drifted from corruption to social media to chaos to order to god !!


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