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Monday, September 12, 2011

A day Apart ?

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Once it was just another date.
A date, a history, misery,mistry,
A tragedy, some even consider it a conspiracy,
For few it brought sorrows and pain,
While some corporates stands to gain.

A War on Terror !
Or a War and Terror?
Lost blood on both sides,
Of the same color !
If Love can overcome hate,
Then why hate the hater?

Can we forget,
Can they?
I blame them,
And dont expect the same!
Neither I will take the first step.
Nor will they.

Cant we give peace a chance?
Tolerate differences?
Respect freedom,
Shed prejudices.

Cant we not stop,
Hiding behind a date,
And come forward
For open discussions.

Once it used to be,
Just another date,
But not any more.
Once Ten and Eleven were,
A day apart, but,
Not any more.


  1. Beautifully written, captured the feelings brilliantly...

  2. THIS IS TOTALLY Awesome!! Loved it! you write very beautifully! and u've put so many thoughts in it too!

  3. thanks for the comments Adi. I hope tolerance and mutual-respect prevails, something which all the religions have been teaching for 1000s of years. Perhaps its time to go back to the basics...

  4. tu jo bhi likh ta meri to samajh se pare raha ta hai....kaha thaa hindi main likha kar...

  5. Actions speak louder than words.

    Words can be verbal = talks, negotiations.
    Words can also be written = letters, memoranda of understanding, treaties etc

    Action is achieved via display of force.
    The display of force happens via devices that can produce and transfer power/energy.
    Best source of the same are the most violent ones.

    Therefore violence always speak louder than talks and letters and MoUs.

    However its all about Energy returns on the energy invested.

    Violence consumes a lot of energy.
    If you are not going to get results commensurate to it, you will not use the means.

    But if you see that the results can be significant, you take a risk and invest your energy, and seek the course of action rather than words.


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