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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Cute Bitto, the Politician !

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Mom to Bittu (3 year kid)- Bittuuu, where's the ice-cream your dad bought yesterday ?
Bittu - I dont know mom !!

Sonia to Kalmadi - SK where are $10 billion we gave you to spend on Common Wealth Games?
Kalmadi - I dont know mam !!

Mom to Bittu- Bittuuuuu, have you done your homework today?
Bittu (is playing outside, so over hears)- Yes mom, yesterday itself !!

Public to PM - Sir, have you passed the Lokpal bill yet?
PM-Yes, yesterday itself! I mean yesterday we had a meeting with Sonia ji, she said she will do something about it.

Mom to Bittu- wake up Bittu, its time to go to school !
Bittu - I cant, I will be having headache today, I mean I am having stomach ache today.

HC to Amar Singh- Sir, its time to go to jail via court!
Amar Singh - I cant, I will be having dementia (sh%t, Kalmadi), I mean I am unwell, confined to bed.

Mom to Bittu- Bittu ...
Bittu-It was not my mistake, you know my friend Sonu, he was pinching me from the back, so I slapped him!
Mom- But Bittu, I was about to ask why you got so low marks in the maths test! And by the way, is this Sonu a boy or a girl?

Journalist - Sir, why..
PM- no, no I was just following my coalition dharma !
Journalist -But sir, I was about to ask why have you sent Amar Singh with money to BJP MPs!

Bittu- Mom, Sonu is a girl, I told you last time also about her!
Mom - Ok Bittu, you have so many friends, I cant remember all of them.

PM- this time we will fight with them !
We the People- Oh, ok sir, we trust you again this time as well, because we cant remember your previous 179 promises in past 7 years and 2 months and 37 days!!

Bittu grows a young and smart now and starts receiving some missed calls now!

Mom - Bittu do you have a Girl friend?
Bittu - Noooooooo wayy mom ! None..Not at all !

We the people - Honorable Politician sir. Do you have a Swiss bank account ?
Politicians - well, you know the answer now :)

To be continued !!


  1. ROFL...that was witty :)

  2. lol! that was funny and smart!

  3. thanks Adi. But I guess though Bittu may learn new tricks but they will not be able to devise new tricks !!

  4. wah...aap to majak bhi kar le te hai....mujhe laga ki sirf khatarnak cheeze hi likh te hai.... :)

  5. arrey Jatin Sir aap bhi na bus...yahi wala seriously likha hai baki sab to uc majak majak main uc !


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