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Friday, January 06, 2012

At last First !!

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After a log hiatus, I came first !

Back in school days, when everybody clamored to grab the top spot, I was happy with top 5 and sometimes even top 10.  I had my own reasons then.Only later I realized that grades, marks and rankings do matter and it hurts the most, when you have everything else except those which matters.

Some wise man wrote this long ago- Success is Counted sweetest by those who never succeed !!

Definitely applicable to me. No lies, have never achieved anything exceptional, never came first but this time it was different. It was bound to happen someday and so it happened today, as if it was a part of a great plan. Whatever happens, happen for good, that's how my parents would console me, whenever I was not first. And so over years, I started feeling pity, not for me, but for them, those at the help of things, for their loneliness.

Things were about change. Something happened which never happened before and so finally I kissed the moment of glory. I made sure that I enjoy my loneliness to the full. Soon I realized what all I was missing by dismissing the desire and thus the situation of being at the top. When you reach the top, even in your own world , suddenly the people in that world start seeing and treating you differently. But the  fun does not last long. Either I had to do anything under the Sun to retain my lone spot or someone else will do something and soon my charm and karishma will vanish.

A rush of blood, dilapidating pupils and my moments of joy and glory were snatched away from me. I was helpless, I could have done few things, but I could sense the outcome, so I decided to save my energy. Once again I became the ordinary me, which I always deserved to be.

Damm it, I was last and so he denied the admission because it was overflowing with homo-sapiens. I was left with no other choice but to wait for the next Bus. Within fraction of seconds tens and almost hundreds of people started queuing behind me from nowhere.


  1. Success is Counted sweetest by those who never succeed !!
    Very true :)
    But in life, we cant experience and taste everything, we can be in either of extremes or intermediate !
    very simple yet meaningful post !
    keep writing !

  2. Nitin, I dread being on the top as there is no way up then. I am happy with being mediocre as you always have space to grow. Success do sound sweet but it temporary...Once you achieve that, what next?

    Thought provoking post!

  3. Wow, that is almost photographic, focusing on a moment of time and looking at all the details of feelings in a slwo motion. Hope you managed to catch the next one ..

  4. Thanks for passing by Sunil, Saru, Deepak. I guess sometimes a Moment is Worth Life and sometimes the whole Life is not worth a Moment ! So lets have some fun while squeezing out Life from every moment :)

  5. nice post


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