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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Lets Celebrate Corruption !!

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I got this email from one of my friends which gave me the link to Pune Police website
I hope more and more people know about this is coming days. This will educate people and will save them from giving unnecessary bribes. Usually when an individual is caught by traffic police, the policement immediately throws some vauge numbers like 1000 Rs or 2000 Rs to harass the individual. This website will help citizen appreciate the fact that in case they break a law ( by mistake or intentionally, thats another point of debate), they should pay the penalty as per law and not bribe. On doing some more research I found another interesting website which points the various laws and acts, things happening in Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha etc.
I propose celebrating something like a - NO BRIBE DAY, once every month or year. I request all readers to publicize this concept so much that every body will start thinking that we actually need something like a No Bribe realize how much bribe a normal Indian citizen gives in his/ her routine life and how rampant and deep rooted is corruption is on our system !!

For Example - Just apply for a passport, ration card, driving license, voter ID card and you will realize how easy it is in India to get 5 driving licenses from 5 different states with 5 different names, and subsequently have multiple passports, voter ID and what now BY SIMPLYING PAYING FEW 1000 RS.

Whats the outcome - our security is compromised, terrorists can easily enter and escape from India...
Let us try and educate people that by giving bribes though they are solving the short term problem like saving a few hundred buck of penalty or fine but in turn they are harming themselves in long term. Let us all people of India try to avoid giving bribe no matter how small the bribe amount is to - railway TT, to traffic policemen, to policemen, to RTO for getting licene, to passport offices for getting NOC and passports on time, to ration department for getting extra bit of sugar or kerosene, to public sector like HP/ Indane for getting those gas connections and refilled gas cylinders on time, to Municipal corporations for getting orders/ winning ternders, getting NOCs for shops and buildings etc.

The idea is let government servants come out and say in public that they cannt live without bribes, their salaries are inadequate as compared to private sector etc. Let us push government and bureaucrats to wall and try to identify the root cause of rampant/ massive corruption prevailing in the society.Unless we the citizens of India will not do anything, nothing will happen by itself, the system will not change, the people will not change, their mind set will not change.

The ciitizens of India are intelligent and smart but they are too busy, too busy in earning the livelihood for themselves, too busy in achieving their personal goals and aspirations and its their hardwork and dedication that has paid off well in past 10-15 years, its because of them India is actually shining and GDP is growing @ 8-10%. India shining has frnakly too less to do with government or its policies, be it BJP or Congress or CPI or any other party. Despite too many hurdles like corruption, lack of infrastructure, education, Indian citizens and corporate India together have done a great job, together have moved mountains in places like Jamnagar ( Reliance), Hazira (Essar), Jhasiguda (Vedanta), Raigarh (Jindal), Jameshdpur ( Tata). Look what they have done at these places despite of rampant corruption, bad geography, lack of infrastructure when they started and look what these places are today. So, thay can achieve the similar feast at other places as well. And now let look what government has done at Pune, Bangalore or Gurgaon.

Pune - no urban planning, massive corruption, lack of infrastructure, huge deforestation, lack of electricity, water, roads, gardens, unplanned constructions every here and there without any master plan for the city, messed up railway station, bus stands, traffic jams every day, water logging every year etc etc etc etc etc.
I am sure similar will be the story of Bangalore or Gurgaon or Hyderabad or Gaziabad or Nagpur


The simple answer is - CORRUPTION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How - Its because of corruption that MLA/ MPs are not able to think beyond their personel profits, its because of corruption that policy makers remain short sighted and make policies to popularise present government wihtout any concern for future.


Do we have a master plan for each metro and important cities for next 5-10-15-20 years - NO...WHY - because nobody is bothered to think beyond their job, tenure of their government, benefit of their political party or organization. Eveybody wants to make quick bucks before the doomsday, before next election, before retirement, before transfer etc etc.

Lets make a beginning by celebrating - No Corruption Day !! A day when no Indian will pay any bribe to any body AT ALL.

Next Step: Let us identify true, honest civil servants, policemen, MLAs and let us have a forum to felicitate them, an award by Public voting only. Some part of the money collected by SMS/ email voting can be given to these true heroes and rest of the part can be utlized for further propogating this concept.


  1. Good job. Lets do that.

  2. very thought provoking post. the ideas can be easily implemented.

    had written a post on corruption too few weeks back but on a totally different tangent


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