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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

India @ 60

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A very happy independence day to me and every Indian !!

India has tunrned 60 and its getting younger and better with every year passing by. Though I am not that old and havent seen the old era by myself, but I can say lotta things have changed over all these years..the pace of reform and change is debatable though..we could have done better..
Being a holiday each of us get some time to ponder about lotta issues pertaining to onself, society and nation as well... all news channels are flooded with documentaries and interviews and panel discussions..which is a nice meaningful change, movie channels and newspapers everybody is paying their part of tribute and some food for thought for each one of us.

Walking down the memory lane....

I saviour those memories of school days - going in white uniform attending march past, participating in other extra curricular acitvities and the best part - sweets and choclates at the end of ceremony. All during my school days I have participated in group song(patriotic one). We used to prepare almost a week in advance for the same mostly by staying a little late in school or during lunch time. As the group mostly consisted of students from different class or section, it was not possible to utilise any particualar free period, but it was real fun. We have delivered some real good group song performance during those days, I remember. I have always believed and realised that me and my bunch of friends where-ever I go have been pretty reasonably patriotic. Mostly it has been passive patriotism in which we discuss a alot about issues, India, history, Gandhi ji, bhagat singh, current political scenario, things which are not right, how we could have done better etc etc. We sing national anthem with great zeal and if everything goes right on this day, an atmosphere is created in which every zestful song which is slightly patriotic makes us a little bit sentimental, may be for a few seconds only.

I believe that this virtue is present in almost every Indian. We are sentimental by nature and that distinguishes us from every other society anywhere else in the world. One can get the glimpse of our sentiments in almost every thing we do be it festivals or family functions, arts or sports.Over a period of time I believe that formats & category of our sentiments have undergone a ocean of change. We have become selfish - now is that good or bad - a debatable point !

A Tribute to Freedom fighters

Being born in independent IndiaI never had to struggle for any form of independence. I have always adored the freedom fighter who have sacrificed their lives, families and everything for India. I salute their sacrifices, their passion and love for this country. A lot of them always knew that they might not be alive by the time India gets independence but they continued their mission so that coming generations can breathe in free India. Their sacrifices for the good of future generations is simply amazing and difficult to comprehend for my generation. Are these fighters getting the recognition and respect which they always deserved in present day scenario.

Unfortunately within 60 years, our generation (that includes me as well) has started taking this freedom for granted and has started forgetting the sacrifices our freedom fighters have made to certain extent. I dont doubt the feeling of patriotism but I think its more of passive kind and momentary. We Indians always feel in back of our minds that we are most cultured, intelligent & patriotic people on this planet. Are we correct in our assumptions...

The New Freedom !!

The world has changed so much especially in past 15 years or so. We are living in a globalised economy..where co. from any country can do business n any country...till it can do tht business profitably ( thts the bottomline) providing value to the customer !!

After opening of our economy in early 90s, we have seen hell lotta MNCs entering in Indian mkts from all walks of life. Directly of indirectly Indian businesses and consumers have learnt so much from them, in terms of doing business professionally, ethically and profitably !! Competition has always been good for it brings prices down..improves efficiency and provides hell lotta choice to the end user !! It gives consumer freedom to choose from vast array of options. Now a days we hear lot of Indians heading prestigous positions in these MNCs worldwide..making India proud !!

All this has thrown so much choice for our generation in every walk of life, be it deciding for studies (school or college), job avenues, arts, sports or culture eveything has been affected by this wind of globalisation ! Indian youth is confident like ever before. We can now dream big and achieve even bigger !!
Pros & cons of this Globalisation are once again debatable but I feel that over long term the anamolies tend to get corrected and adjusted so as to suit the local conditions, society and culture !! That I feel has been THE most important quality of Indian culture and civilization !! We have adjusted ourselves with time and accomodated changes as they come !! I guess Darwin's theory applies equally well for cultures and civilizations as well !! Once again pros & cons of this quality are debatable !!

A lotta questions are in front of us, which our generation and society should seek answers for in a very honest manner. I have some thoughts on debatable points/questions referred above which I will write about next time...

Happy Independence Day !!

Jai Hind

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  1. Nitin, your views r quite convincing.


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