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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Bandra Worli Sea Link - A moment of Pride or Retrospection ?

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Finally after 10 years of wait and almost 2 decades of planning 1650 Crores ( 350 M USD) and incomprehensible indirect expenditure of time and money by several bureaucrats, politicians, babus the much awaited Bandra Worli Seak link was inaugurated on 28th June 2009. The bridge extends 5 Kms and is definitely one of the rare landmarks created in and by modern India.

On contrasting this with 2 of the recently completed projects in China, all efforts gone into creating this bridge looks dwarf. While we can always pat on our back and dont care about critics and cynics we also need to understand the difference between confidence and complacency. Its not about the mad race which world likes to watch and enjoy between India and China, its about our dreams and ambitions as a nation, efficiency and transparency, accountability and ability to learn from mistakes.

The travesty of Indian political system lies in the fact everybody is afraid, afraid to ask questions, afraid to take sincere action and instead raise mundanest issues which nobody cares about -

The opposition is more worried about the naming the bridge after Rajiv Gandhi rather than XYZ or Miachel Jackson. This reaffirms the common man belief that - they are all alike !!

A quick comparison of some of the world's longest bridges can be found here -

We as a nation has long way to go be it creating basic infrastructure or as a truely democractic nation ( rather than hippocractically Democratic or Democracy of convinience)

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