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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Heros Requiredd.....!!!

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Present debacle of Indian Cricket team..and the Hype and discussions going on since last 1 week or so..shows the urgent necessity of Heros required by and for India !!

Every society,civilisation requires Heors to look upon to !! Those who can do great work, achieve impossibles, gerat artits or thinkers or philosophers with mass appeal !! These Heros can be in various fields, walks of life which are popular at those times - be it science or technology or sports or fashion or music etc etc !!

What is the necessity of Heros ? Why do we need them ?? What if there are none ??

Monotonousity ( i dont know if thts a word or not !!) is mediocrisity !! Both are not exciting things !! Hence in order to come out of this boredom man looks upto somebody whos famous and doing something different, who has OR can achieve more than himself !! He tries to align his actions and aspirations as per Heros instructionss !! These instructions are indirect and subtle but sometimes are very strong !!

Our nation is in the middle of a change - huge change which might be studied by historians of future, business gurus of future as case study !! But in order to move this tide in right direction, we require Leaders - who can guide masses in correct direction ! These leaders need not be from Politics alone ( as unfortunately todays working youth is no more interested in the same ) but Achievers from ALL Walks of life - sports, music, cinema, arts etc. etc !! Our country is desperately seeking for such leaders whom to look upon and mimic !! Following whom people (especially children & youngsters like me :D) can come out of their shelves and try to do something really exciting or constructive or different in life !! Dearth of such leaders has been one of the reasons of recent muslinging on Indian Cricket Team as there are not much options avaiulable ! Nobody cares about the national game anymore !! So this scaricty will lead to over hype of minor sucesses like Ms.Mirza or Yuvraj Singh and likes will create uncecessary pressure on them, which in turn might hamper their performance and their view might be skewed from long term carrer to short term money minting !! thts it !!

Arts and science are still underrated in India ! With arrival of business news channels - fortunately business leaders are getting the attnetion what they always deserved ! Narayan Murthy and Anand Mahindra are becoming household names ! Acquisition by Indian co.s make us, you me everybody feels proud !! Gives us something to talk about, boast about and feel good about !!

Considering our population and its diversity I still feel that there's requirement of hell lotta leaders on various levels from various walks of life so that the nation progresses sustainably and as a whole - together as single entity !!

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  1. well they are cause 99% people believe in following :(

    According to me all the ones who ain't following or bhed chal as i call it ... are heros :)


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