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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Its part of me……..

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Sometimes it’s all about giving
Sometimes about forgiving;
Sometimes it’s about speaking, without speaking
Sometimes about listening;

Sometimes it’s all about caring
Sometimes about sharing;
Sometimes its about quarrels n arguments,
Sometimes about complete understanding;

At times it’s like truth, purity,
Sometimes like holy divinity;
Sometimes it’s like oasis in the desert,
At times like desert in the oasis;

Sometimes I feel, I never knew about it,
At times I feel, I can live without it,
But now I think it always was part of me,
And now I know it always will be.

- Nitin

Well this is the poem I wrote, when I was about to meet the love of life and now my fiancee.


  1. jai ho... waise mujh garib ke bas ki baat nahin hia ye sab samaj pana... lekin dekh ke accha laga... :)

  2. Profound thought and a beautiful poem, love it!

  3. Thanks Saru, Rathnalatha !

  4. I will surely come back for more


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