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Sunday, November 06, 2011

Lost & Found !

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I want to get lost
In the middle of a Stadium,
where, nobody has ever played.

I want to be found
Amidst mountains
where, anybody who worked hard
never failed.

I want to get lost
On the top of a cloud
who, across the ocean sailed.

I want to be found
Somewhere in the Desert
Where I need not hide
And yet, cant be found.

I want to get lost
In the bottom of the ocean
from where sea monsters hailed.

I want to be found
On the top of that Coconut tree,
where the morning sun rays strike first
before touching the ground.

Can I find myself
Before getting lost again?
Or am I already lost
waiting to be found?
Can I find my self
Without searching?
Or the day I got lost
Was the day I actually found
Myself for the first time?


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