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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Who the hell laid that Golden Egg ?

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Nobody has an iota of doubt that a lot needs to be done to establish India as a sporting nation at an international level.

The Golden Egg is very rare, so it doesn't Exist !

But, with all due respect, I dont agree with PT Usha's latest comments about advent of Formula 1 in India. She pioneered the cause of Women athletics in India, motivated and trained several young women to dream big despite not much support from government or their own family members. I would completely agree with her if she says that Athelitcs is not gaining the popularity it deserved because the country lacks infrastructure, coaches and constant funding etc. But what's the point in bashing one form of sport which happens to be one of the most popular sport of the world, to promote another.

The Golden Egg fell from the table, so lets kill the Goose !

What has all the T20 cricket bashers gained, the T20 cricket evolved, improved, became more popular, offered opportunity to make money, gain respect to several young cricketers who could never make it to national team, offered employment to 100s of 1000s of people. On contrary I feel, T20 forced teams and coaches to think different, try something new and thus lot of experiments were done, some went successful some not, but ultimately the game evolved. Some cricketers got injured while playing T20, so lets ban T20

The Golden Egg was actually Silver !

Lot of mediocre player get chance to play, perform, learn and earn when a sports become popular. Some remain mediocre and some rise. That's what happens in every walk of life. I dont blame the body shopping IT companies for not pioneering the search engine algorithms. Saina Nehwal is not PT Usha and I don't blame Deepika Padukone for choosing modeling over sport or for that matter Sania Mirza for choosing sport over modelling. The not so famous medium pacer Salil Ankola became a not so famous TV artist, so should BCCI ban TV channels in India now?

  I will Kill your Goose who lays Golden Egg, because I don't have one !

What is the definition of a Sports? Is sports only about physical capabilities? I think Formual 1 like any other sports requires physical fitness, mental stamina, rigorous training, planning, commitment, passion to succeed amidst intense competition. Behind every successful Formula 1 sportsmen is a huge team of 15-30 people which includes highly qualified engineers and psychologists. Not all the successful Formula One world champions were born in rich families. They became rich as a consequence of the success and name they achieved by excelling in their sport. In the countries where Athletics is big sport, the Formula One driver or the NBA player makes more money in general. So ? 


  1. Good one Nitin, I agree with you completely:)

  2. thanks Satish, so do you know who?

  3. I agree Nitin. It is bad philosophy of life trying to run down others.

  4. Thanks Ramakrishnan, Deepak for the comments. I hope you enjoy other posts too.

  5. I feel escapism, denial, jealousy, greed and hatred are some of the underlying reasons why things are the way they are today. With almost every part of the world undergoing some type of Social, Economic or Political turmoil, some efforts must be made to identify these root causes. The make believes, the short term populists measures have not yielded any positive results and in medium to long term such measures can actually deliver negative results on contrary.

  6. its crazy why they do this every time - run down something that's a money spinner just because they are not sharing the ride

    good post.

    and the salil ankola example - right!

  7. thanks Sujatha. I think the grass appears green on the other side always. So either we can seek advice from them on how to cultivate our own lawns, or we can choose to curse, blame and complaint. But Life goes on....:)


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