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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Monkey Near Zebra Crossing !

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I missed your calls today,
I think I missed some yesterday.
You know what,
I even missed to say,
How much I miss you !

Yes, you are right, I don't
Share my thoughts as frequently
As you do.
But you know Dr. Peters say,
We, men are capable of doing things
Such as thinking about nothing,
Without much ado.

Yesterday at the pa'a'n shop,
I heard some people say!
You are like a Chocolate pie,
And, I am a Monkey in the Zoo.
But even that doesn't stop me,
from ThinkIng about you.

I miss you, when I dont find you
To handover the towel,
And prepare a cup of tea
While I am in Loo.
I even miss you when,
I have other things to do.

So, please don't take this crap,
seriously, because you know,
We are near zebra crossing
and I'm driving slow.

Before reaching home,
We might bump into,
Couple of speed breakers,
If I don't take that amicable short cut
And a big traffic jam,
If I do.

But, Don't ever say that,
I don't care about you.
Just because I haven't bought you,
That Pink Shoe.
Because I know, you love me and
You know I you love you too!


  1. Awww, this is lovely Nitin:)

  2. dil ko chuuu gai....tumhari peheli kavita jo ek baar main samajh aa gai....badiya....gud...shabash...

  3. Shri. Jatin Jain..thank's' u's' very much for your nice comment's' :)

  4. That was pretty entertaining! THUMBS UP!

    1. Hey Adi. Thanks for the comment and apologies for a lill late reply :)

  5. thanx for the lovly poem love you :)

  6. I am glad you enjoyed it Adi.

    Thanks Sandip More...hope you enjoy other posts too :)

    Miss Shalini hope you liked that not so pink shoe ;) !!

  7. Nitin, I was reading the serious posts written by you, and then landed onto this love poem. Sweet and honest expression.

    I have often observed that the people who write on social, political issues strongly tend to hide their softer and more humane side....I think our blogs should be a reflection of what we are and not merely what we want to show. Just as u have done.

    take care



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